Global, local supplies

In a world of fake news, exploitation and climate catastrophe Wessex Support & Supply is committed to doing things differently. We are proud to pledge that…

All of our products are sourced from small-scale manufacturers who pay their staff a fair wage, guarantee safe & supportive working environments, and contribute positively to their local communities

The products we sell are manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, making use of recycled or circular resources, and are transported to our local UK clients with minimal environmental cost

For every product our clients buy from us, we will work to ensure there is an ethical and sustainable way for that product to be disposed of after use.

We will operate our business on the basis of maximum transparency, sharing the full, honest truth with our clients at every turn including how much money we are making on every order they place.

Our focus will always be on supporting and supplying our clients, not simply flogging them a bargain and moving onto the next sale.